About Clint's

Our salsa is made to be the freshest, best tasting salsa available. Our recipe comes directly from south Texas. It was my goal to bring a great traditional salsa to a market dominated by big companies who are more concerned about the bottom line rather than producing a great product. After all, I have my name on it and I stake my reputation every day on the quality of my product. If you are not completely satisfied with my salsa you may return it for a full refund.

“I founded Clint’s Texas Salsa in 1996 to bring the fresh taste of a True Salsa to a market that was dominated by picante sauces. My passion is making great Salsa. Therefore, we use only the finest ingredients available to create an all natural Salsa that I consider to be the best ”available. Thank you for trying Clint’s.
Clint, Keri, Allison, and Clinton Poulter